Babson Arabians are also important as breeding
stock, and are considered to be pure in the terms
of not only Straight Egyptians, but also qualify for
the Al Khamsa, Asil, Blue List, Early American
Foundation, Heirloom, Pyramid, and Sheykh Obeyd groups.  All Straight Babson Egyptian Arabians pedigrees trace entirely and explicitly back to the 1932 Egyptian Importation by Henry Babson. 

Due to having lines that go back to royalty, all Kamar-bred horses are "live in your pocket" and act like true desert war horses.  Desert horses were prized for their hardiness, substance, versatility, soundness, and athletic ability.

  Babsons and Babson bred horses are wonderful
  outcrosses and have desirable traits that many
  programs strive to achieve.  They were widely used as
  outcrosses for new Egyptian bloodlines in the 1970's
  and 1980's, which resulted in some widely known
  horses of today: Azraff, Fadjur, and Khemosabi are just
  a few examples.  Today, there only remain around
250 Straight Babson Arabian horses in the breeding
  population worldwide.
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Welcome to Kamar Arabians; we are a small Arabian breeding farm where we put our pride and our passion into breeding quality Arabian Sport Horses.

Currently, our focus is on Straight Babson Egyptian Arabian Horses;
horses that exude show ring excellence with qualities such as
intelligence, a wonderful personality, a willing temperament, and
flowing movement.  Babson horses were chosen for being highly
trainable and due to this willingness to learn, they are easily led
thorough new and scary situations.  Babsons are known among the
horse world for their athleticism, correct conformation, extreme
beauty and willing disposition.  All the horses on our farm, exhibit
these qualities at home
and in the show ring.

Why Babson?

Welcome to Kamar Arabians!
Brittany Bartlett
Cell: (281) 799-3119