Mahrietta, 2007 Bay Mare
Mahrd, 2010 Bay Gelding
Ammahr Rou DJW, 2013 Bay Stallion
 Gems Marou, 2015 Chestnut Stallion
Serr Rouge Kamar, 2016 Chestnut Stallion

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AHR #0604451
5/23/2003 Chestnut Stallion
Serr El Rou (AHR #0358019) x
Mahr Rousa (AHR #0508520)

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Straight Babson Egyptian, Al Khamsa, Asil, Blue List, Early American Foundation, Heirloom, Pyramid, Sheykh Obeyd

Mahr Rou
Max enjoying his pasture, October 2014
Pedigree History 

Maxim is in subgroup 5 of the Babson Imports and traces back to 4 of the imports: *Fadl, *Maaroufa, *Bint Serra I, and *Bint Bint Sabbah.  This is commonly referred to as a Four Horse Babson Pedigree. 

Maxim is also the only Four Horse Babson stallion from the Serr El Rou, (Serr Rou x Roulena) sireline.  

Maxim also has Char Mahrsab in his pedigree.  Char Mahrsab never reproduced his sireline, even though valiant efforts tried to change this, and his loss marked the end of the Fay-El-Dine sireline.  "Charlie" had five SBE daughters, of which three have bred on within the SBE herd. 

Mahr Rou, known to his fans as either Maxim or Sparky, moved in with us in the spring of 2014.  His attitude has been wonderful and he is a very compliant stallion with the typical, easy going nature that we find so often in the Straight Babson Egyptian Arabians.

Maxim is an important SBE stallion.  He is the only reproducing son of his sire, Serr El Rou.  Maxim is part of the dwindling four horse pedigree, meaning he traces back to only four of the 1932 Babson imports: *Fadl, *Maaroufa, *Bint Serra I, and *Bint Bint Sabbah.  Maxim's one colt is however, not a part of the four horse group, leaving Maxim in a very important place in history.

Maxim will be joining our show string just as soon as we figure out what this extremely tractable stallion will excel at, because so far, it has been EVERYTHING!  He is a working ranch horse who has begun learning Dressage with no issues.  He does anything asked of him, no matter how unfamiliar it is to him!  He is easy to handle and we often find ourselves checking to make sure things are still in their place!  Sometimes, I wonder if he is really a stallion.  Even the vet thought he was a gelding the first time he met him.

He has been very easy to breed, and is available by live cover and AI.  He has very good sperm count and motility and is capable of getting mares bred in one try!

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